Tuesday, 1 May 2018


Today we were painting 2 trees in the dry brushstroke style also looking at a compositional fulcrum, in this case a big and a small tree to balance out the compositionsee previous notes, and this time also adding more colour, we were working on the tree on the right and applying the same value mass principles to this as we did last week


We started by mixing others colours to end up with a predominant green but mixed mostly yellows and blues with other colours, here are some student examples

The 1st washes of the big tree should look roughly like the one above, clearly mapping out the big colour and tone shapes, here is the original photo again, see if you can see the big shapes..On this demonstration I did more detail to show how it can be added later๐Ÿ‘‡

Whilst it is important to be able to recognise and represent value mass, we may simplify the process next week, as it's a lot of information to take on board in 1 go.

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