Wednesday, 16 May 2018


This week we were focussing on sharpening up our technique of controlling pigment flows we can represent areas of high definition like the boats, and low definition like the sky and medium def like the bank of trees, all within the same wet in wet wash, we need to be able to do this so we can control all pigment flow with any painting we do.

I chose 2 paintings to alternate washes with, both very similar so we could repeat each technique we learned

1st wash on the sea scene without centre boat painted in.

previously painted scene with centre boat painted wet on dry to indicate it is in the foreground and therefore higher definition than the background boats, we'll do this next week.
We practiced making marks with wetter and dryer brushes to see how fine a line we could make with a dryer brush, in this way we are understanding about flow control

2 boats on a misty river

We practiced a hard and soft edge, by applying a clear wash, then applying pigment to the top of that was overlapping the clear wash and pushing the pigment into the dry paper to create the boat and figure shapes

Back boat wet in wet on the 1st wash, next week we will add boats on both paintings wet on dry, although the bottom edge of this boat is shrouded in mist, so we had to practice a hard and soft edge first.
In this first wash we used cad yellow, cad red, and pthalo blue.

Please practice this at home if you were unable to attend this week, as we will be doing this technique again next week, 
and for those who were here, keep practicing, I look forwards to seeing you next week.

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