Tuesday, 22 May 2018


This week we were continuing with our misty river and house scene, the object to control pigment flow, and along the way to understand about making choices concerning tonal value, see colour wheel
In this colour wheel we can see that the tonal value ( grey and black segment ) relate to the tonal value of each colour, in that they don't appear lighter or darker than the colour adjacent to them.
We had a choice whether to make our trees as black as the ones in this photo, remember we are creating a painting and not always making an exact copy of what is in front of us
On this colour wheel the tonal grade does not relate to the colour adjacent to it, it is important to understand the tonal value of each colour, so that we can start to understand about keeping our paintings in a similar colour or tonal range to avoid over dramatising them
here are my own colour choices and below student exercises

We alternated between the river and the house scene, building the layers up with a wet wash and a very dry brush to control the pigment flow for high definition trees, we gained in confidence learning how controllable this medium is.
I showed a painting in progress film to show how many layers of paint you can add to build up to a finished painting, we will continue with this after half term
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