Thursday, 21 August 2014


Dear Flatters!
Here are some bits of reference from your painting holiday in Flatford Mill you asked for.

Boats! Just a reminder about cropping for dramatic and compositional effect

colour adjustments on iphoto as a guide

Lat 1st wash to establish overall tone, colour and value mass, add layer of masking fluid, and build up 2nd layer of wash from light to dark

Robert Brindley boat for inspiration on colour and definition

Take masking fluid off and fill in detail v loosely.
Marita's was looser than this even and I loved it, hope to put it on here : )

!st & 2nd stage washes for Scilla on plants close up. ( unfinished )
Establish areas of tonal and colour value mass, then layer up detail on top.

 1st & 2nd stage washes of Valley farm ( unfinished ) to show dappled light and sky holes using masking fluid for hard edged, and gum arabic for soft, lifted out.

Robert Brindley gate for inspiration
1st stages of Dedham high st, which we didn't visit to be built up in glazing blocks like Chris Forsey

David Parfitt paintings of woods that we all loved and had a go at : )

Plants close up for ideas and inspiration

And just to say, thank you very much everybody for being such a brilliant lot to be with as ever, please send me your paintings to add to the gallery.

See you in September! : )