Wednesday, 6 June 2018


This week, we were working on controlling the pigment flow with ducklings, goslings and a baby owl, and whilst this is a cutesey twee subject, it is rather difficult to perform, not enough water on the brush and we would have hard edges which we need to avoid for this fluffy soft subject, too much water on the brush and the pigment would run too far too fast and spread beyond the boundaries of the drawing and we would have ended up with very long haired beasties.

We practiced our pigment flow on a separate sheet first, including 3 colour mixing to make variations of brown for the duckling using red yellow and ultramarine blue, we also needed to paint high definition wet in wet for the stripe over the ducklings eye, this needed to be done before the head had dried, otherwise the stripe would come out hard edged, and not look like it was made of furry feathers

We applied our pigment to our fowl by editing our brush marks right down to just a few, holding the brush at a shallow angle so we could get a wide flat even coverage, and only lifting our brushes off the paper towards the top of the wash, so that any excess water ran back into the body, rather than down the pear belwow the body

 We had several practices at this to gain more confidence in flow control before applying pigment to the beaks and feet using all 3 colours, but applying a clear wash 1st and then the pigment to selected areas using our photo reference as a guide, and making sure not to push the paint around too much resulting in a flat looking wash, please pay attention to the highlights on the beak and feet.
I look forwards to seeing you again next week.

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