Wednesday, 27 June 2018


This week we were working on painting this rook, there object of this exercise was to get really dark darks and intense colours out of our palette, and paint within a specified shape avoiding un necessary brush marks.

We began by practicing random shapes, and pulling the pigment out with a splayed out brush before the was had a chance to dry to a hard edge.
One of the challenges with this exercise was to avoid brush marks which weren't describing anything, the way to do this is to practice fi

To get a more even streak free application, try not making repeated brush strokes she you are lifting your brush off the paper at the end of every stroke, this results in blobs where you have lifted off, and doesn't help each brushstroke to merge into the other, try to keep your brush on the paper at all times during a colour application, holding your brush at a shallow angle and sideways on to get the widest possible marks, practice this as an exercise on it's own till it becomes second nature to you.

This is the photo reference we were using
random shapes to get used to painting around a shape., we were also dropping small amounts of table salt onto the wash after we had pulled out the fronds bits to get this texture.

Next week we will be doing exactly the same technique as this week, but applying the technique to a cockerel, leaving it to dry, and adding detail wet on dry

As per request, next week will be the last week of summer term, and we will resume the next 10 week course starting on September the 18th 2018, however I may be planning a non teaching trip out on the river at Beccles some time during the summer and will email the details of that nearer the time

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