Wednesday, 20 June 2018


This week we were translating our lesson on composition and colour balance, see

TEACHING NOTES for the 12th of june, into painting wet in wet from direct observation, we didn't finish these, but because the flowers may be over by next week, here are your photos of the flowers you were painting. The primary object of this lesson was about controlling pigment flow.

In my own sketch, ( this is not a finished painting due to time constraints ) I have used a combination of hard and soft edges, remember hard edge is against dry paper, and soft edge is against wet paper

We looked at paintings of flowers painted wet in wet, and wet on dry ( hard edged ) and gauged our emotional response to them, this will influence our choice of how to represent flowers when we are painting them.
We chose to paint our flowers wet in wet, so that we then had a choice of where, if any to have hard edges, the first wet in wet wash being the underpainting, but the main aim of this lesson was to control pigment flow, please find the reference for your painting and complete at home.

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