Tuesday, 26 June 2018


THIS WEEK WE WERE Exploring how to represent water as a preparation for a trip in the River at Beccles some time in the summer, above are some watercolour artists representations of water, note how all the edges of the reflections are hard edged

This is the scene in Beccles on the river we are aiming at painting

1st we drew up the scene and added the background colour
Then we practiced putting a pale lemon wash down with zig zag edges horizontally, and applying pigment in vertical stripes to represent the reflections of trees
More practices
A demonstration of a previous workshop painting showing the intended outcome with high definition dark lines in the surface of the water to indicate it's flatness.
If you were unable to attend this class, please can you follow these steps at home, as we will be continuing with this painting next week, and it is important you know the technique to apply to the finished painting next week

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