Thursday, 11 October 2012


Following on from last week's classes on using a limited pallet of primary focal points, and using secondary and tertiary colours of a limited pallet to make up the rest of the scene, we went in search of these colours in real life, having copied the Zorn and Sorolla paintings last week to consolidate our understanding of this theory.

So banking on good old BBC weather, I made a preliminary trip to Cambridge market on sunday to find my own reference to email to my wednesday class, confident that on wednesday it would be fine, which happily it was.
The pictures below were just  few I emailed to my learners as an example of the type of colours we would be looking for, and whilst I didn't always find primary, secondary and tertiary in the same scene, I was able to find a strong primary virtually everywhere to adapted once back in class.

Below are a few of the photo's I took on wednesday, and I will compile all the learners photographs with a presentation  next week.
I was absolutely delighted at the imagination of my group, and the great colour ideas they were coming up with, even though some of my ladies lost focus for a short while and started to some shopping! ( I left them to it as the stall-holders were kind enough to allow us to photograph their stalls :) 

After we'd taken enough photo's of the market we went to Don Pasquali's cafe to share our photo's from our digital cameras, and to people watch, we were pointing out people wearing colours that were in harmony with the background we were focussing on, for example, opposite our cafe there was and advert in a shop window with a girl wearing a bright purple skirt, so we waited for people to walk past wearing pink, blue, or orange, and we photographed them as quickly as we could, all this was good fun, and was a vehicle for sharpening our colour perceptions and choices, and despite the photo's below showing us having a good jolly, it was very educational, and useful!

I will look forwards to giving a data projector presentation next week of 3 of each learners favorite photo's, and then well work out how to use  the images to help us build a unique painting of our own colour choices.

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