Thursday, 11 October 2012

This weeks drawing class

In my tuesday drawing class this week, we were using proportional dividers to accurately scale up images from photocopy to drawing paper to begin with, and then scaling up from life using some decoy ducks I brought in.
Both exercises were preparation for going out on location and using the dividers on other subjects in landscape.
The proportional dividers are a little like scissors, see below, but to alter the proportion of one object to a larger or smaller scale, one must slide the axis dial up or down the scale.

I chose this particular duck as reference for this class, because it does not conform to the shape we might have in our head of what we think a duck should look like, it appears to have no neck, and so it is particularly important to draw the shape as we see it, even if that shape seems odd to us, and as we measure things accurately,  we learn to trust less to our preconceived ideas, and start to build an artistically analytical mind, and see instead a series of shapes and tones.

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