Sunday, 21 October 2012


Last week I asked my learners to come dressed in groups of analogous colours for this week's class, with a view to selecting and arranging themselves on the theme of this term, which is creating focal points of intense colour with secondary and tertiary mixes of the same colours in the rest of the painting.

We all  got involved in the  arrangements, but it was not possible for those posing, to see the full impact of the still life they were creating of themselves, so I will have great pleasure in presenting a data projector show next week so they can all see the fruits of their labours, other than on the play back screen on my camera which I was able to show them

We worked in small groups  of analogous colours to start with, and we tried variations of background colours to see if this changed the relationship of colour balance within the group.

Colin 2 gets the best expression prize below ; )

We also looked at creating a focal point by isolating a colour borrowed from the background against the  main focal point of the group which was Colin 2 against  Colin 1, by virtue of him being the lightest colour.
I quite liked the way the sedum head was tilting towards Colin 1 and his arm created a diagonal pointing to the sedum, happy accident eh!

We had already previously agreed that Colin 1 was the dominant colour of the group. ( burgundy jumper ) And that Colin 2 stole the show by virtue of being the lightest colours amongst darks, ( pale green and checkered shorts, whey hey! Colin 2, what a star! : )

Borrowing the burgundy,  phil ( purple sedum holder )gets a prize for best facial  expression in this shot! ; )

Attempt at creating a further focal point with light, however my spotlight is very bright and not versatile enough to spot a small pool.

There was some cracking good work developing in this class, we spent the 2nd half working up our own SL's from the previous week ( Thursday class )
Colin 2 added a variety of colours in his background borrowed  from the colours of his SL but watered down, great design C 2.

Sue painted some really beautiful colours that were mixed about 50% on the paper, enough to create secondaries whilst retaining her primaries, really fluid and loose Sue : )

I could kick myself for not photographing heather's painting of this S L, ( below ) in a very short space of time she had put  down all the local values of the glass and retaining the highlights, I'm very exited to see how this develops.

At the end of the class we all went round each others work and discussed the variations and outcomes of our work, this is really useful for all to see different  approaches, and to offer supportive feedback on what worked well, and what could be improved.
This was also an opportunity for me to creep round and photograph my L's and capture interesting colour groupings as they transpired, and as a surprising bonus, some very interesting shapes also

I couldn't resist this one of Francis and Phil at Burwash cafe' afterwards, as there was a purple logo on the bonnet of the van behind the 2, I  think Phil had had enough of me taking pictures by then ; )

Francis couldn't come to the class, but I knew she'd turn up in purple anyway, so was a real asset when she came came for coffee

Next week, we'll be finishing our still life and having a go at starting an image from this week's class, even if it's just an abstract. Hmmmm.......... now there's an idea!

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