Friday, 25 May 2012

Thursday evening drawing and watercolour class

It was such a beautiful warm sunny day painting with my thursday morning class at the botanical gardens, and the evening was lovely and warm too, so I took my thursday evening class out of the college, and into Linton village to do some direct observation drawing and painting.

We sat at the entrance of the churchyard and decided to draw the tudor house, which involved establishing 2 points of perspective converging on 2 vanishing points beyond each end of the front and side gable

Once we had created a basic structure of correct diagonals to vanishing points, and measured the proportions, the fun bit could commence, by putting in all the lovely details in, with the sure knowledge  that it would look accurate no matter how rickety the house or details were.
 We were able to stay till 9.30 p.m. as the light lasted this long, and start a little of the first washes, photographs were then taken to email to learners so they could finish them at home if they didn't wish to return to the subject in person.

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