Thursday, 24 May 2012

My drawing class

This week my drawing class went to the American war memorial, which is a very moving and beautiful place to be, and it is also an excellent place for studying 1 point perspective.
We have studied 1 point perspective in class before, but it's worth putting it into practice on location

I gave my learners 2 bamboo sticks to locate the vanishing point on the memorial building at the end of the canal

 When we had established where it was, we drew the building at the top of our page, dotted in the V P,  then we measured the proportions of the canal and pathways both horizontally and vertically in relation to the building, and then radiated lines out from the vanishing point to create the edges of the canal and pathways.
After that we blocked in the tonal values, which we measured in relation to the white of our paper==i.e. that which was not absolute white in the scene must be toned down, as opposed to representing lighter areas of the canal for example, by leaving it white, whereas in comparison to the sky, it was actually a mid tone.
A handout of a project studied earlier in class as a reminder of the principle of 1 point perspective.

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