Sunday, 20 May 2012

Recent drawing class

This exercise was designed for my drawing class to gauge relative tonal values.

The primary object was to represent individual local tonal values in relation to the whole, and to identify and represent areas of high and low contrast, and again, lost and found edges.

Also to identify and comprehend value masses, which are areas of the composition which merge together due to their similarity of tone, regardless of how many separate objects are within a value mass.

To appreciate this, squint at the image below, and see the brown jug merge with the background tone, and similarly the brown cup and the green jar, see if you can find any more?
The importance of this is the usefulness of pulling the viewers eye to and from different areas of the composition to keep the eye interested in the composition as a whole, and not to get stuck in 1 particular place.

The week before that, we visited the museum of classical archaeology in Cambridge, to draw facial features from direct observation, as we had been practising from handouts the week before that.
We also had a very nice time in  the museum cafe afterwards! : )

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