Thursday, 31 May 2012

Some of my learners work this week

This week, we've been finishing off work we didn't complete before, because we went outdoor painting to take advantage of the weather.

This is a lovely wash by Mel, Thursday watercolour.
It's not completed yet, but I think the wash to the left of the picture was beautiful in it's freshness, and wasn't too mixed on the surface of the paper, therefore retaining some of its intensity, whilst bleeding quite freely with other colours to create further neutrals.
The object of this exercise was to represent selected areas of high and low, to no, definition, which has been beautifully achieved here.
This one below is from Phil, Thursday watercolour, and was an easter challenge I set a few learners, to depict a large area of complexity, unified by a first single wash.
We all felt Phil shouldn't do too much more to the background which was beautifully suggestive of a hot hazy day with some definition of rooftops kept white with masking fluid.
Phils next challenge was to put foreground detail in, whilst keeping an eye on the overall picture balance in terms of tonal and colour value.
I feel he has achieved this beautifully with his foreground trees and rocks........can't wait to see it finished!

Louise did this estuary in the mist painting entirely wet in wet, which takes some doing, and she has managed this with skill avoiding unintended brushmarks.
Another one from Mel, this is the result of our trip to the botanical gardens, I really love the  colours Mel has used in the background to compliment her Iris's, these undefined colours are suggestive of other flowers, real or contrived, to give a sense of the garden along with the flowers  she was painting, which are themselves not overworked, retain their velvety texture, and combine variation on purple.
There were other pieces of work I wanted to include in this section, but i could kick myself for not taking my camera to class.
More on other learners work at a later date. : )

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