Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Today's class was to practice simplifying images of Wimpole hall, which we had wanted to visit today, but the weather was too bad to go out
I went yesterday and had a go at simplifying with a big hake, ( flat end brush )
 To start practicing we did a wet in wet then a wet on dry version of suggesting all the detail on the back face of Wimpole hall
Here are a few learner examples wet in wet
and wet on dry

This is the huge hake I used, leaving me no opportunity to fiddle with small details, but I lifted out the shape of the trees to find definition when it had dried, made easier from using gum arabic mixed with the paint to start with, which enables lifting of more easily

I asked you all to look up David parfait, as an example of loosely defining colour shapes and picking out detail by lifting out, and also in this case splattering.

The beginners had a go at identifying easier colour shapes

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