Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Today we were simplifying more complicated buildings close up, which means more accurate detail, but this doesn't mean we have to include all the detail.
Below we were copying an artists impression of this archway which was done almost all in wet in wet, using masking fluid to pick out the highlights.
We were also using a photograph of the Mall, galleries, above, so we could make our own decisions about what to leave in and what not to include.

Careful drawings were made of both, and we alternated between the 2, applying our first and second washes to the arch, example's below, allowing our pencil drawings to form part of the paintings description of detail

 Above and left, first washes

The beginners were tasked to paint a flat wash in the area of the buildings for this venice scene, ,which involved using enough water to buy time to paint round the details, we had a practice first of painting complicated shapes without blotches or hard edges, which is why the lagoon looks like it has been invaded by alien jellyfish!

   These were more examples of artist simplifying buildings, and photographs that could lend themselves to being simplified

This is one of my own paintings simplified from the photo ref below

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