Sunday, 9 December 2012

Stunning pool photo's

Just look at these stunning pool photo's I took yesterday!
I owe a massive thank you to one of my Sawston watercolour group members for organising this photo shoot.
those of you who know me will know how difficult it is for me to find models and a pool together, this is why I have had to resort to using myself as a model in the past, but on hearing this, Uwe,
( pronounced Oover ) volunteered himself and his kids to pose, arranged permission from the pool owner, ( no mean feat in itself ) and arranged for us to meet in the pool at a time of day when he knew we would get natural sunlight in the pool area, which I had asked for, but not dreamt of getting! An hey presto! All came together!
Not only that but Ewe and kids were a delight to watch playing in the water, they did all the poses I asked for, but I think you'll agree, the most stunning one, is the pose they chose themselves, the one  below, I  couldn't have asked for more!
Thank you Ewe and kids! I now have a stock of pool shots to keep me going for years! : )


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