Saturday, 10 November 2012


Once again I wash absolutely delighted at the inventiveness and enthusiasm my learners brought to this project, what a brilliant bunch you Comberton lot are!

Here we all are arranging ourselves in our pre selected groups of analogous colours, and arranging our accessories and bodies to have some compositional flow from one figure to the next, and using the colours which attract the eye most to achieve this.
On the table you can see handouts of paintings with figures grouped for good compositional effect, and photo's of the thursday group for ideas.

We decided to throw in a couple of complimentary colours in various places.

Then it was the turn of the green group, and this clever lot brought the art room plant in as a prop,
 just look at those compositional curved links! All their own work mind, with the minimum of input from me.

Alyson and 'Rudder Rollocks' made a guest appearance : )

Again we brought in a complementary colour here by introducing 'Splodge' in the red ; )

Poor Graham! Stuck in the siren's nest! ; )

Look how clever Liz was to arrange her arm thus through the scarves, and Mel linked herself to Barbara via a scarfs.

Now for the red group with mauve's and purples forming secondaries.

Like the Thursday group, we experimented with light to see how to unify the colours into secondaries and tertiaries where they were in shadow, with the most intense colours being in the light.

Here we have the green group illuminated by Liz's yellow jumper

The mauve group have lost most of their colour except for cuffs.

I absolutely loved this arrangement, again, all their own work, introducing a complimentary green linking one side of the composition to the other, with the intense colours below the subliminal 'coven' like quality of the ladies only just suggested above, inspired by Joseph Wright of Derby.

Well done wednesday watercolours!
Next week we will be filtering our reference, and finding ways to select the elements of the reference, alter colours, tone, backgrounds etc in order to create a painting.

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