Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Tuesday drawing class WRINKLY OLD MAN

This week we drew a portrait of an old man, and the challenge this week was to get the proportions right with a proportional divider

We began by creating a rectangle incorporating all the features from hat to beard, it was at this point I stressed the importance of not mistaking the outside edge of the ears with the edge of his face which is a common mistake and wrongly aligns all the other proportions within the face.

We drew in the large elements before we went on to  get the proportions of smaller ones, such as the eyes.

It is very easy at this stage to ignore the measurements when our brain is trying to straighten up a face to fit the idea we have about what a face 'should' look like.

So stick to your measurements, and in this way, in time, you will adjust your eye to knowing what looks right, and what works, until it becomes second nature.

Once the proportions were all in place we got to work on the tonal balance within the rendering

Please bear in mind tuesday class, that the old man's face is darker than the white hairs on his beard, nothing can be whiter than the paper, so darken down his face in relation to his beard, 

and  try using directional lines to describe the form whilst you're doing it, my drawing below is not finished, but would have gone on to have a darker face when the wrinkles were added

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