Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Finished painting resulting from Fitzwilliam drawing trip.

Following my drawing trip to Brown's and the Fitzwilliam art museum, Cambridge, I decided t to try and arrange the elements into an abstract composition, as I had been very exited about the concept of abstraction following the 'What lies beneath' painting workshop at Felixtowe fort.
My thumbnails above were my workings out for tone, colour and shape.

I absolutely marvel at other artists who just get stuck in to the final painting without any such workings out, to the most beautiful effect, I'm afraid that either this is not instinctive in me, or I have never attempted it......Hmmmmmmmmm.........

I decided to inject a little humour into it, I'm going to call it, love and loss at the Fitzwilliam ; )

These were the original drawings I worked from.

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