Wednesday, 4 July 2018


THIS WEEK we were painting this cockerel in the style of an artist called Kate Osborne

We began by practicing washes with our brushes at a very shallow angle and severely editing our brush marks, then pulling the fronds out of the wash before it formed a hard edge before adding the salt for texture, we also practiced painting the tail feathers before 'fronting' by pulling a body of colour out to the dry area beyond the tail feathers, pressing our big brushes to the surface to get fat lines, then gradually releasing the pressure to this the lines out towards the edges to gradually this them out to a point.

Here are some student paintings, and lets remember that for week 10 from scratch this is really impressive, what has been learned so far is..
Learning how to paint without freaks or blotches,
learning flow control
Using enough water and painting faster
painting within a complicated shape,
Pulling shapes out of the main body, and 'fronding'
Plus, using hard and soft edges with 'fronting'

We used hard and soft edges with 'fronding' wet on dry to get the detail, here are my demonstrations

This is the last class of the Summer term, we will be back on Wednesday the 19th of September, it is your watercolour challenge over the summer to practice these same techniques with a menagerie of birds, we will have an exhibition on our return, have a happy summer all, but I hope to see you again in a non teaching capacity before then
G XXX : )

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