Thursday, 3 April 2014

Plasticine full figures Advanced class

For our advanced class, we wanted to be able to compose a picture with full figures, and control the light and folds of fabric without a life model, to give us the opportunity to play around with a composition in a more fluid way that doing sketches, and for us to really see where the light actually falls.

So we started by making plasticine figures from anatomical reference to pose them in the composition that we liked, I like the painting above, so I posed my model in those poses and took photo's at various angles and with different light sources, this gives my more control, and ideas than just sketching a thumbnail of what I want, I can actually see which version works better, either to get in life models to pose or to paint form the plasticine figures to make a more imaginative, less figurative representational painting.

Here we are making our models in class

We could do a starlet spencer type painting direct from our plas models because we wouldn't require it to be too realistic, and it would free us up to be more creative with our composition

Some compositions which would require more realistic plas or life models

Poses of single figs.
We will be continuing this at the beginning of summ term, using either life or plas models, so please have your model ( s ) fleshed out by then, and we'll have some fun posing them with light sources as i did.

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