Wednesday, 26 February 2014


Dear Combints, here is your reference for class, 
Please remember the order in which you start drawing up a scene with 2 point perspective.
Draw your eye-line or horizon anywhere on your paper, preferably in the middle,

 rough out the proportions of your subject based on your eye-line going through the most horizontal part of your image, which in this case is roughly the bottom bar of the window pane.

Transfer the angles of the outside perimeters of your scene to your paper, which in this case is the top beam and the join where the floorboards meet the bench, when you extend both these angles to the left, they should meet at the same point on your eye level line,

 if they don't, make them, so that your drawing looks accurate, even though your angle measurements might be a bit out.

this is now your vanishing point 1.

rough out your drawing, and repeat the process to the right side, making sure that the angles of the book shelfs converge on the same point of the eye level line.

Tis is now vanishing point 2.

Good luck ; )

Well be finishing these off in the 1st half our or so of next week's class, then you will be drawing 2 point persp from life, with a box like object you bring in yourself, this could be a carriage clock, biscuit tin, jewellery box, tool box, anything you like as long as it's box shaped, ( cubed )

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