Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Here is your reference for drawing portraits, remember, to get the proportions aof the head and features, unless you have a natural ' eye' for proportions, please follow the example below, it really will pay off to box in the head and extend the horizontal and vertical lines outside the box to measure where the features are in relation to the whole, some of you skipped this step this week, and your results were inaccurate.

Even loose paintings like this need to be drawn correctly in the first place, so follow the example above, but remember to draw a vertical line through the bridge of her nose, and beyond after boxing in, as there will be a tendency for your brain to want to straighten the image out, and make it look like it is more straight on than it is, please don't try and skip the boxing in step, and measure the distance between features, only when you have the correct head proportion.

below are the portrait reference for the Thursday advanced class

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