Thursday, 3 October 2013


 This week Improvers and advanced were working to finish the painting of Phil, painting, the photo ref you have from last week., 
We were aiming to keep it tonally light, with a warm colour bias, and a wet in wet application to enhance a hazy lazy mood of summer.
We worked on creating the ripples in the water to join up, whilst still wet, with the rest of the painting behind it, to avoid the ripples from looking like logs floating on the surface.

We added higher definition to legs, arms & foliage without any hard edges by applying a dryer brush & pigment to a clear wash to inhibit too much pigment flow. The example below shows this, ( mine, I forgot my camera, sorry ) but I would not consider this painting finished, it is merely, as much as I could do in the short demonstration intervals I give, but it does show, 'lost and found edges' illustrating that you don't need to be too literal with a visual description of a painting if it is the mood you want to put across primarily, as is the case here.
I was delighted to see some of you having a quick go at the still life I set up as a contrast to the tonally light, where the colours are tonally dark and intense on an analogous bias with a small splash of complimentary.
Sorry that I didn't get the angle you were painting folks, but in a way, I loved the attempts you did for their freshness due to being hurried, please bring them in next week : ) and I will put them on my blog so the wednesdayizers can see!

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