Thursday, 28 February 2013


This week we started a portrait chosen for it's complimentary colours.
We were still using any red blue and yellow, and mixing our washes on the paper instead of our pallets to give us scope for differentiation.
First we scaled up our reference and gridded that up using diagonals before transferring this to our WC paper.
We did a test wash on a separate piece of paper to test out how to represent the skin tones in our 1st wash.

In my demo, I kept the first wash fairly light for the highlights, and mixed my colours on the paper, after mixing the pure pigment to water ratio in my pallet.
For those of you that mixed your colours up 100% in the pallet, can you please have another go, and mix on the paper before next week on a separate portrait, so you can compare the difference next week.

My first wash below looks a bit scary at this stage, because I have identified the features without darkening up the skin tones, but by doing the 1st wash pale I have have left room for darkening it down with warmer colours.
This 1st wash was to identify the highlights


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