Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Workshop I attended on Sunday.....

On Sunday I attended a workshop organized by the Society of east anglian watercolour artist.
The workshop was hosted by Thomas Plunket, who is the president of the Royal watercolour society in London.
The workshop was called what lies beneath, and the theme was to create abstract paintings based on drawings of the building we were working in, which was the fort at Felixtowe.
The idea was to take elements, of the building and abstract it into shapes at the drawing stage by editing what we saw, and adding according to our response to the scene.
This was not easy for me, as I am usually ( always ) representational in my approach.

After the first sketches were done in water soluble ink, they were dipped in a tray of water and the ink was allowed to run down the painting

Here's a cheeky picture drawn by thomas using both hands at the same time, he'd seen me drawing him, and I think this is me, tee hee.

Thomas's other drawings were of the fort itself, after being emmersed in the water,  Thomas applied wax candles and pastels areas for of resist, and watercolours and  white gouache applied over that.
My effort below was following a conversation with T, regarding being creative with shapes and colours, the scene below did not exist in it's entirety, and i found it very liberating to invent and emphasize on the spot, as i normally only do this sort of concept work for roughs before I set up a model or still life.

I believe ones emotional response to the subject at this stage directed where the pigment and wax was placed. This is an area in which I would benefit from further tuition.
The most important thing I took out of the day for me, was that drawing a subject extensively from life adds to the depth of understanding of the subject, and enhances the result from the painting.

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